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[INFO] black panda, BLUE CRS 4/2/09 update

Mr Kuku (coolshrimps) talks about BLACK PANDA

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Black Pandas

Black Pandas (BP) and Red Pandas(RP) were originated from the south of Taiwan about three years ago. The strain was not a hybrid but rather a mutation from White Crystal Red Shrimps (CRS). The genetic make up is still uncertain. But from what I had observed, black is dominant, and red as recessive, possibly autosomal recessive. I had approximately 1/4 of RP from two BP parents in a few of the drops. But other breeders claimed to have no Red Pandas from many of their drops.

Black was never a popular color among aqua enthusiasts in Taiwan, and hence, was never really seemed as 'prized' aqua pets. However, in Japan, black shrimps--Black Diamonds, Dark Blue Tigers--really took over popularity recently over traditional CRS. And now with the introduction of BP, Japanese shrimp breeders went into a frenzy that hasn't being seen since MFF introducing Hinomanu in four years ago. Black is the now the most sought-after color among shrimp enthusiasts in Japan.

Breeders can produce Black Pandas in two ways: BP x BP or BP x black and white CRS. BP X BP will certainly give you at least 75% BP, with up to 25% RP. The latter carries a low percentage, possibly less than five percent.

The survivability in BP is relatively weak as compared to CRS, especially with pregnant females. Eggs carrying females die easily. Weak survival gene, without a question, will be one of the major factors that will sustain the popularity of BP for some time to come.

Apr. 1st, 2009

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Update - 3/6/2009

The 1/9/09 information about the mutant of CRS, CBS should be not mostly correct ~
About the part of Black King Kong and Wine Red where they from.

Most of the people know about Wine Red, and black king Kong. but where they come from?
I asked a Wine Red breeder, he said 2 years ago he got first one from CBS. And the recently hot Black King Kong many said it is from CBS as well and carry blue gens!

Wine Red quite sure is from CBS(should contain CRS gens), some information said Black King Kong s from CBS (should contain blue gens) as well.

Why black ? it leaded me thinking of the origins of colors as RGB /CMYK

So, CBS seem can derivative any other colors ?
I think the potential of the CRS/CBS is not limited Red and Black, now ~ Some started derive a Blue GWS. So, colors would be possible to grow more. Green/Yellow.
smile.gif may be time to start a Colony with mixed Color ~ It may have chances of making other colors on your first hand smile.gif


Black King Kong and Wine Red are very interesting mutant!
Their price is not that high as before, because some breeder already success breeding BKK and WR.
The latest one is Blue CRS!

Here is the post about the mutant BLUE color CRS from a member of coolshrimps.

pictures are from URL:

As I see the CRS market still prefer on original CRS, vivid blood red and thick white.
CRS gens are stable for many years; mutant's CRS is not that stable as CRS.

Colors of CRS :
Traditional Red
Whole Red, Whole Black, Whole White
Wine Red, Black King Kong (panda) , Blue CRS

*other species animals to create another different colors
Example :
Red Toy Poodle's ancestor are white and Black toy Poodle.
CRS original from Black Bee to red and white.
Golden White from CRS.

so, it may be a lead to us. After the Golden White appear 2-3 years, the raise of the other mutant colors are appearing within 1-2 years.
I think Golden White may be a key to other color.
CBS can become Wine Red.
CBS = Black King Kong (panda),
Golden White + CBS = Blue CRS.

GWS has 3-4 types:
GWS from pure GWS, snow white
GWS breed from CBS, GWS's shell some appear little blue.
GWS breed from CRS, GWS's shell some appear little red/pink.

Wine Red is from GWS carry little red + keep breeding with CRS.
BLUE CRS is from GWS carry blue gens + keep breeding with CBS.

But the chance to breed mutant offspring may be .001%, so large quantity may has more chance.

2 Ways of using their nice mutant color :
1) choose the most vivid one breed back CBS/CRS to get extreme solid piece.
2 ) When 1 pair of mutant offspring appear, keep them together and breed.
but mostly the first pair of mutant is very fragile since the unstable gens.
Stabilizing their gens for generation, then they will like GWS, or the first group of CRS.

I think this is interesting in CRS evolution history!
Like Human skins color: White, Yellow, Black, Red.

Are different species' gens have the similarities?

All above are my ideas only, I haven't breed any mutant yet, beside keeping GWS with CRS around 3-4 generation now. Some info I read from coolshrimps forum.


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